Why are you changing the prices?


Like many others in our industry, we have not escaped being hit by the pandemic and the current world situation with increased operating costs as a result. We have long resisted changing the membership price for our existing members, but we have now reached a point where it is no longer possible to continue to offer a good training experience for all our members, without a price increase. Despite this, we still offer some of the most affordable memberships on the market.

Of course, we hope that you will remain a member with us even after the price increase. As before, your membership will apply to all gyms. Your membership will therefore function as normal and if you pay by direct debit, the price increase will take place automatically, but it is important that you raise the withdrawal limit well before the price increase takes effect to ensure that the payment can be completed.

The new price for existing members applies from 1/6 -2022.

If you choose to terminate your membership no later than 31/5 - 2022, you pay your current membership price until the last training day. You have 2 months' notice.

For example, if you cancel your membership on May 15, it means that you keep your existing price until July 15, which will also be the last day of validity.
F24S Customer Service
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