How do I cancel my subscription / membership?

Did you know you can freeze your membership instead of terminating it? You can read more about freezing a membership here, Kan jeg Fryse abonnementet mitt? Hvordan virker det med å fryse medlemskapet mitt?

We recommend this alternative instead of a cancellation if you intend to start training again within 12 months as we have a notice period of two months and that you pay a starting fee of 249 NOK if you then have to start training again after cancellation. You also retain your loyalty status if you freeze your membership.

If you have a monthly subscription, you can cancel it at one of our gyms during staffed hours or, on My pages.

* Above pictures are examples of what it looks like. Remember that you need to confirm the termination with your password on the last page.

The notice period is two months from the date you cancel the subscription and of course, you can train just as usual during the notice period!

Full-year or half-yearly paid membership does not continue after the prepaid period has expired.

(If you want to know when your prepaid membership expires, we ask you to talk to staff at one of our gyms, they will be happy to help you).

F24S Customer Service
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